Lifestyles change quickly. Ideas revolutionise expectations. Technology and design enhance care and comfort.
At TVBM, we embrace these evolutionary forces. Using our expertise in sourcing from trusted manufacturers in China, we create high-quality and accessible medical devices exclusively for suppliers of international senior citizen and rehabilitation markets. 
To improve and refine our products, we continually conduct field analyses with practitioners and patients to understand their rehabilitation needs and find solutions. Our aim is simple: to produce the most reliable rehabilitation products supported by the most innovative design and cutting-edge technology available.
Today, TVBM is entering an exciting new phase where patient care and comfort meet. We’ve developed brand new rehabilitation solutions that don’t look like medical devices. Beautifully designed and comfortable, these are attractive pieces of furniture your customers would be proud to use and display in their homes. 

We are proud to launch Ingenious Living.



The world is changing and lifestyles are adapting. Senior citizens are more active than ever, and connecting with new ideas and technologies. They’re looking for rehabilitation solutions that fit easily with their lifestyles while still providing optimum support. These need to be inconspicuous, yet highly functional, and adaptable to indoor and outdoor environments.

Ingenious Living addresses these demands. Our products not only aid in recovery, but also strive to reduce anxieties and strengthen self-esteem.

All our products have been redesigned from scratch to integrate easily into daily life. They are modern, connected and discreet, while providing the added appeal and comfort of outstanding furniture design. In fact, Ingenious Living integrates so seamlessly into the home, others will not even notice its superior functionality.

Ingenious device, Ingenious design, Ingenious living.